Dobrze Poinformowani - Wayfinding System of SUT Faculty of Architecture.​​​​​​​

The project was made by: Jakub Fochtman, Marcela Palowska, Aleksandra Włosek, Michalina Gerlic.

The problem we noticed was the lack of marking of the floors and rooms located on the given floors. The current lean labeling system is neither coherent nor consistent.

A proposal to solve the problem is to create legible, visible and uniform information on each floor. The project contains elements of information regarding the floor on which we are currently located, important rooms on the floors, names of cathedrals and room numbering. The characteristic element would be symbols taken from the floors already existing in the corridors. Each floor would be patterned according to the floor pattern. The creation of one information scheme will be helpful in creating the entire signage system on the floors (room numbers, signs on display cases, names of departments, timetables). Additionally, pictograms corresponding to the given elements of the building have been designed.

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